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When you just want to concentrate on creating an amazing product/Service and then we find people for you to sell to ..OK THEN!

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Need Business Leads?

Need Warm Qualified Sales Leads?

Lead generation is time and cash expensive and in the main is failing business. Only a small percentage produces a warm Sales lead.

Business owners and Sales Mangers just need to sit in front of decision makers who want to buy right now, and this is what we call Warm Qualified Leads.

Lead generation activities are failing!

Cold Calling is no longer effective, networking events reach a plateau after a while, expos are expensive and social media takes months and months of content to build trust and the organic edge rank has become ineffective for most so;…

How can you find new business leads?

Answer : find someone who has:

  • 25 years sales experience
  • 10 years Digital marketing experience
  • 40,000 Visits to their website each month
  • 500,000 REAL people on social media accounts
  • 2,000 + blogs published
  • 6,000 Registered members who give them sales leads every day
  • Dedicated call center with bilingual staff

We have done all the hard work over decades for you!

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Email Marketing; Is It Worth Bothering With?

Are you prepared for a full time job that is email marketing?

What Lead generation works?

What lead generation produces Qualified Business Leads and what is the most effective way to sit in front of people who want to buy now?

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Within a few days of commissioning Netmedia Edge to find us sales leads, we received information that we are meeting the Biggest Petro-Chemical company in Thailand, Blown away with what they achieved for us in a short space of time. They have saved us time , money and made a massive difference for us!

Todd Jones

Founder, 1 st Choice Network Limited (Bangkok Thailand)