E-mail Marketing stats and facts

There is around 2 billion sales newsletters delivered to email boxes every day, over 80% gets spammed and trashed , so does it still work for business?

Well there is no straight answer, I wish there was. It depends on your industry and how often you send newsletters, if you are niche enough, your list is clean and they are all willing subscribers and your content is always sublimely compelling.

The stats tell us that if you are B2B and your list is full of willing subscribers who have gone through an opt-in process and you are consistent with your readable and refreshing messages, then you can expect to see an open rate of around 20% with a click through rate of 3% meaning people who read your newsletter and are inspired by the content enough to click the links that take them into your website and down your sales funnel.

So say you have 1,000 subscribers and you email once a week with links to good blogs and information that has links that lead to a dynamic funnel system that has very few steps and the U.X. (User experience) is seamless then 20-ish sales a month should be yours for the taking.

Sounds great doesn’t it? 20 More sales a month, we would be sitting pretty, where do we sign, how do we start? is your reply.

Netmedia Email marketing tips
Enjoy spam in Jail sucker!

Whoooaaa hold on!! To get to that fantastic acme of 20 sales a month through email marketing you need at least 1,000 good quality subscribers, and I have never seen subscribers hanging on street corners waiting to get picked up. Getting 1,000 subscribers is damned hard work and could take a few months to a few years! It’s like courting a new girlfriend!

First you site has to be able to capture subscribers and there is a whole science to be learned about how people visit your website, the bounce rates and demographics. Of course your traffic is being sent in by all the amazing altruistic blogs you are writing every week of around 1500 words each with licensed images and shared to your huge social media reach right?

Once you have these subscribers then you need to pay for a good email host like A Webber, Mail Chimp, Get Response, Constant Contact et al. They have stepped plans and they give you templates to manage your email newsletters,  the costs per month starting form very little, to; ‘mortgage my home!’

Oh and when you start with one of these online email companies, if you think you can just upload a few thousand emails you bought of the guy in the pub, think again, they will bounce you off as quick as a Sumo wrestler on a trampoline for giving them non opted-in email addresses. They get fined for spam so they have very little tolerance when it comes to the quality of your email addresses.

Once you start working on your newsletter template (oh and never call them ‘newsletters’ it inspires boredom!) you need to be well-versed on what makes people click, what headings are scientifically proven to work and make people ‘read’.

Videos are always more popular than plain text, should you add to You Tube or Vimeo, of course you are making H.D. videos on your own optimised channel right?

Best to learn about what time of day and what days email newsletters are best received, and check all your links over and over again to make sure they are going where they should be linking to. Then there is split testing, no don’t go,.. I’ve loads to share…mwa ha haaa!

If you just know that you just do not have the time to do all this heartbreaking work and to do it well, and the real reason you were reading this is to get more sales, then guess what I have good news , you don’t have to..

We have been doing email marketing since 2009, we have over 25,000 subscribers 18,000 hardcore B2B, the rest a mix of B2C. We have 500,000 people on social media we share our consistent content and members to.

We go networking at least twice a week to the best business networking events. We run our own business directories and Social media sites that attract around 50,000 a month and we blog every other day and share to social media so you don’t have to, we produce leads via our call center by calling the 5,200+ members on our sites and we publish brand new leads every single day.

Contact us and we can do all this for $30 a month for you, so stop stressing, join our sites to brand your business across a wide audience and get access to our sales leads today!